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Discussion on: Windows vs linux?

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Mahdi Pourismaiel

A lot of good opinions here, and here are my two cents.

I've given up on Windows but for gaming, I still use it. Everytime I boot it up, it's bad, and it feels bad. The performance is bad, access management is bad, if I have to do a quick tinkering on a server it's bad, opening anything while a process is running is bad. I don't understand why some of Windows' own widgets and windows are laggy. I mean, why would settings program be laggy? Why does task manager sometimes just hang?

I appreciate the amount of field specific softwares on it but I think we are not in the age of "Linux is hard, Windows is easy and has all the good apps".

Linux has great applications, very easy to use. It's much, much faster and really the much better options in a lot of cases.

Currently I'm learning how to create pixel art (I've been programming almost half my life now, never done anything art) and found a lot of fantastic applications readily available for Linux.

I'm the kind of person who likes to customize their environment to their liking and Linux is just amazing for that kind of thing. Doing so makes my opinions seem biased to my friends. Most of the time I get "I just want something that works". Well, does Windows really work? How many times has a software crashed and you had to wait a few minutes before continuing your work? Or how many times you started your computer and you had to wait for an update to finish? Or how many times something froze and you couldn't close it because task manager froze as well?

All in all, I prefer something that gives me the control when I want it and controls everything with reasonable defaults and with responsibility. Something that frankly, Windows doesn't provide.

I hope this wall of text is useful to you.