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re: There's also Elixir which another language that runs on the Erlang VM, a bit similar to Prolog. But, If you wanna learn Erlang checkout out this bo...

Elixirs syntax is little nicer than Erlangs. Both of these are interoperable, they work on the same virtual machine called BEAM. And what they excel - are concurrency and resilience. They (elixir and erlang) are awesome candidates for languages to learn in the age of microservices.
One of the bigger recognizable companies that use Elixir is Discord. And Ericsson uses Erlang, but they are not as sexy ;)

Discord guys have a blog on Medium and it's pretty interesting.

Clarifications here though I'm a noob at Elixir. Elixir extends Erlang because you can invoke Erlang functions. Erlang was developed by Ericsson and is used for running the cellphone towers insuring uptime which also I think makes it great for microservices.

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