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Discussion on: Building a GraphQL API on AWS with Amazon Neptune Graph Database and CDK

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Muhammad Tayyab

Hi sir! can you make the edge between two posts by using id or custom Id, am stuck a project about last 3months and am not able to add edges between them by using custom id.

i will try to add person first and add custom id like personID=1 or 2.. and similar for person two by using personID= 2, or something in number so problem is that when i call the mutation like create edge between them by using label friend by typing person1ID and person2ID then error occur ,this is the code:

async function addFoF(friend: Friend) {
try {
await g.V().has('Person', 'personID',friend.person1ID).addE("Friends").
to(__.V().has("Person", 'personID', friend.person2ID')).toList()

    return { success: "Friend Added" }
} catch (error) {

    return { error: 'Error While adding friends' }
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mutation is just addFoF(person1ID: String!, person2ID: String!): String!

please help me to solve this..