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Discussion on: Developer world as a woman 👩‍💻

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It's a shame the ratio hasn't changed by now. I left my development career twenty years ago. I worked in London for a global news agency. Now I somewhat regret having left as coding has remained with me. But then I reflect on the male orientated environment I was in, and why I left - back then were some big egos, destructive competition, people reluctant to give up information (to maintain their position and edge in their perception of a false heirarchy), and lies - one employee even gave a collegue as a refererence without his permission and later asked him to lie, pretending to be his manager and to talk him up when a potential employer phoned. The same guy also pretended to have a photographic memory.

I hated that environment, prefering openness and cooperation. Competition and ego are
destructive for the project, enterprise and human relationships.

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I think most men hate those kind of toxic environments too. That's why those places tend to have extremely high turnover, with a management team mostly populated by people who care more about dominating and "winning", and less about the customer or their fellow employees. They'll also tend to promote people who think exactly like them, so whether or not there is diversity of identity, there is absolutely no diversity of thinking.

Thankfully those environments are much more likely to be called out now, and even if the company doesn't fix the situation, we can read about it on Glassdoor or similar sites and stay away. At the end of the day, we all have certain standards that go beyond just the size of the paycheck.

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This type of experience is so sad and full of injustice and I'm so sorry for what you had to live, there's nothing worst than an aggressive work environment ... In one team I had a coworker like that, but the thing is that the majority is sooo different and so kind, that I hope that if you give it a new try you would be pleasantly surprised.