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Hi, i have the following questions :-)

  • Most affordable cities
  • Cities which are most clean and close to nature along with modern city amernties
  • Cheap housing
  • Good to immigrants

‌The most affordable gotta be Kathmandu and it's also the least developed city I’ve been to. One thing I don't like is the dust, Great place for hiking, to see the nature. It took me half an hour to walked to the airport from downtown the last day. Modern city and nature are really hard to balance though, Cities like Tbilisi allow you to see the hills in downtown area. Locals are usually nice and friendly. In North America, I also met some look like full of hate, I was thinking how hard for them to live there. There isn't a place that make me worry about security problem before visit Columbia, even my Russian friend said, it is very dangerous, they would kidnap you. When I was there, locals and soldiers would remind me sometimes, but it's better than two decades ago. I haven't dug deep into immigration policy though, I think Buenos Aires is one great place to live, not insanely modern like NYC or Shanghai, or quiet like European cities, but has convenient traffic, lovely city view and reservoir, close to the ocean.

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