Custom OpenBSD Droplet on DigitalOcean

heddi.nabbisen on March 06, 2019

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How do you mitigate the crypto password upon reboot when you cant access the web console?


Hi, 0x746461,
I have checked the detail.
This is why I didn't have to enter the password to reboot the virtual machine.

I did twice; One is after running dd if=miniroot??.fs of=/dev/vtbd0 bs=512k. The other is after installation of OpenBSD.

  1. As to the former, I used ssh connection with client certification. This session started when running ssh -i ~/.ssh/%id_rsa% root@%YOUR-HOST% above. Additionally, DigitalOcean console is open then. (Well, I updated my post about it.)
  2. As to the latter, I used DigitalOcean console and just followed the installer.

I hope this would be the answer to your question.


Hi, 0x746461.
Thank you for your question.
Excuse me, but would you tell me in which part of my tutorial you have trouble?
You can't click or run "Access console" to reboot the virtual machine?


I didnt say I had a problem with the tutorial. I was wondering how you mitigate the necessity of having access to the console of the virtual machine to enter the password to unlock the disk upon every reboot.

Thank you for your detail.
I'll check it this week or next week!

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