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Discussion on: I landed a Junior Front End Developer role after 3 months of self study, Ask Me Anything!

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natalie stroud

This is awesome, thank you so much!! I hope we stay connected! Your path is amazing and I wanna land a junior web dev role so bad. For a lot of reasons obviously. I know it takes time and I have to build up my skill first. I like how you said if you were struggling you'd take a break and work on something you knew more, I tend to find myself doing the same thing. I also have to note it feels so much better to know I'm not the only one struggling with JS in the beginning. How did you come to understand it? Or did it just click for you?

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Verity Stothard Ask Me Anything

Presistence! Doing lots of small projects and focusing in one one part at a time really helped when I was learning, e.g toggling a mobile nav on and off was one of my first battles won. It took nearly a week for me to build a mobile nav that was responsive and had multi level interaction, but focusing in on small things like that really helps you learn to think in JavaScript :)