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re: LOL, I didn't change vue to React. I just used the pattern and what i mean is flexible is not for fun. Maybe you only take one word in this article...

As I said earlier, javascript is very flexible, you can do anything. The development of technology is very fast, and as developers we must also learn the new technology (if needed). In this article I explain how we easily master these two front-end technologies with same pattern. Is there anything unclear?

"react" was mostly just a tagline.

Switching html to JSX is just a minor templating change. It's like changing from - say - HTML to pug.

If you havent used typescript you would never understand... but JSX plays VERY well together with typescript because since it is just a syntax sugar for javascript, you get excellent TS goodies (type checking, completions, tooltip docs) on templates.

Even if vue or angular templates have their own language services, its not the same thing. You wont't ever get a language service on templates as good as just TS acting over JS.

Now, on the other side, the composition api seems something a bit more controversial. But since it is mainained by vue itself, I'd trust it!

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