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re: I'm 18 years old, i started learning php about 5 years ago, when i first started i downloaded bunch of codes from GitHub and other websites and tri...

That's awesome!

I don't know at what level your own framework is, but there's no harm in learning one of the bigger more popular frameworks. Chances are they handle a lot of what you may need. And with you knowing the ins and outs of a framework, with it's routing, request handling etc, you're probably ahead of the curve on a lot of the technical bits.

There's a place and time for the popular frameworks, and a lot of advantages to using a battle-tested one as opposed to your own. Don't write it off out of hand, more so because you probably won't have trouble learning how to use one.


i don't have any trouble using any framework, i know how they work, my own framework which i gave the name "sanyu" have a similar structure to symfony , when i decided to make it, i broke symfony down piece by piece and started learning how everything works and how can i create my own version that it can be easier for me and faster. i made my own router , request handler , models, controllers , view class which extends twig and alot more

That's awesome :)
Composing a framework like that is a good way to go.

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