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Discussion on: what should I do to reach from beginner to advanced level js developer?

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Nested Software • Edited on

It's a bit tough to know what you mean by "advanced js developer." However, here are a few ideas for areas to explore in more depth:

  • Learn how to develop applications using several different front-end frameworks, such as Vue, React, Angular
  • Write a back-end web site/api with Node/Express (or similar)
  • Develop a strong understanding of the browser security model, including xss and csrf exploits
  • Know how the cooperative concurrency model works in detail in Javascript - look into the details of how the event loop in the browser and node work (also see v8 tasks and microtasks )
  • Understand web workers and service workers
  • Understand localStorage, sessionStorage, and cookies; know the advantages vs. distadvantages for each one
  • Know how to debug and profile js applications for performance, possibly including a detailed understanding of the chrome v8 engine
  • Learn how to test your js code, including unit tests, property-based tests, integration tests...