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Discussion on: Managing Frustration in Project-Based Learning

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Joseph Mawa

Thanks for the article. I must admit i go through the frustrations of having to fix bugs on a daily basis but every time i fix one, i feel more stupid for not having seen the problem the first time.

About asking questions on Stackoverflow, i, in most cases end up more frustrated than enlightened. I just stopped using that platform for asking my own questions. If my question has not been asked by someone else, i just seek help from elsewhere. It doesn't matter how much effort i put in framing questions, someone will always tag the question as either duplicate or not having done enough research. I don't think it is a good platform for beginners.

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Jesse Smith Byers Author

Joseph - I definitely run into those bugs on a daily basis too. I've found that I can now predict some of the minor bugs. There are certain syntax errors that I just keep making, so I look for those first when trying to debug.

I've heard others have the same experience with StackOverflow, but haven't experienced it myself. Based on your feedback, I'll do a quick edit and recommend research on StackOverflow, but asking the question on DEV or Twitter. Thanks so much for pointing that out - I don't want to push anyone in a direction that might lead to that negative experience.