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Hi to all!

I'm Nicola Castellani a FullStack developer based in Verona, IT.

I have a Degree in Computer Science and I work as developer since 2014.

I've worked as Fullstack/Mobile developer for a middle-sized company wich works with the global pharma industry.

After 3 years as employee I've decided to work as a Freelance developer for several companies, focusing on the FrontEnd side of their applications, improving the appeal and performances of different React/Angular based web applications.

Currently I'm working with a single company with Angular 8+, improving their tech stacks.

In my free time I love to develop games with Unity3D
(here you can find some examples)
, making music with FruityLoops (here you can find some examples)
or just improve my skills in coding.

Here you can find my profiles and personal websites:

I'm here on to help and learn, maybe I could solve someone problems in the future! ^