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re: I thought this was going to have a little more meat on the bones, a little thin.

well, sorry for that! 🙈 i am myself a beginner/intermediate dev. so i share whatever i learn. :)


The full stack is a term but in essence knowledge is the power, I believe. This article gives beginners an abstraction of relevant tools & technologies.
Good Wishes


Hi Niharika,
I am sooo sorry. I should not have been so critical.
Welcome to Dev.to.
I think (besides me :( ) everyone here is friendly.

Keep going and keep writing.
If I can help you in some way please let me know.
I cannot say I will help but I will TRY. ;))

I had a Professor claimed the best way to learn things is "Through your arm!"
What he meant was writing and practice is the best teacher.
Matt C.

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