Discussion on: Git - Command line vs GUIs

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Nikola Malesevic

It appears that the author found a lot of traction about this topic, but automatically disregards other people's reasons for using GUIs and the advantages that come with it.

I, for one, started by purely using GUI. At that period, my usage of Git was basic, and GUI was perfect for this. Eventually, as my understanding of Git improved, I got to the comfort level where I can utilize command line to do more advanced manipulation. GUI is not sufficient anymore.

I still use GUI, though. For me, not an absolute exclusive keyboard user, it is much more easier to execute git gui and use my mouse to see all the changes that are pending to be committed. If you like to use several keyboard commands to do the same, you can have it your way, sure.

But don't tell me I should not use GUI because it is evil. That's one of the sillier statements I've read.

Calling yourself a master of git does not improve your picture either.

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Jason McCreary Author

As the author, I'm curious where you read the statement you "should not use GUI because it is evil".