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Discussion on: Good Programmer vs Average Programmer - and, Why Asking questions and Paying attention to Details matters.

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Nkululeko Dube

Thanks for the Article @javinpaul , do you have any advice for average developers, how they can get to the part where the automatically think like good developers.

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javinpaul Author • Edited on

@Peace Dube, good questions, while I am also an average programmer, but I can share a few things which I have seen good developers doing and learned from them

  1. Think through ability - ask questions, even silly questions are ok, they make your mind think
  2. Devil is always in detail and asking question help you to figure that out earlier
  3. Don't commit time but ask for an analysis.
  4. Be in good company - if you want to become better, spend time who is better than you.

And, you can also find some more tips on my article

And, May be other great guys here can chip in and advice so that we all can learn from each other.

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I'm sorry, but "don't commit time" sounds like bad advice.

We have a junior dev that refuses to give story point estimates & his reasoning is always "I need some time for analysis first" (even when seniors & PMs have broken the task into simple statements that require no thought).

That dev has been parked on our documentation project, and if that ever dries up, they'll be fired.

A good developer needs to learn how to forecast time, manage expectations & deliver on time.