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If you're a C/C++ programmer looking for some projects to hack on then I have few a repository that needs hacking.

SDLImageWrapper is a C++ wrapper around SDL_Texture to help with some of the heavy lifting when using images in SDL2. Currently, it supports positioning of images and rendering. Checkout the README.md file for more information.

Link to project: github.com/Noah11012/sdl-image-wra...

If you wanted to use Rust's Result type in C++ then the Result for C++ project is the solution for your problem. The API is not complete as some methods found in the native Rust Result type are not yet implemented in C++ version. Also, because of the language differences, not everything will map perfectly.

Link to GitHub Repository: github.com/Noah11012/result-for-cpp

Libpixmap is a small and simple to use library that reads and writes PPM (portable pixmap) images using a C API. The first version of the library was released last week and we are looking mainly to improve the documentation for the API but additions to features and performance improvements are welcomed, too.

If you would like to see the project: github.com/Noah11012/libpixmap

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