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Nice post, a topic that has not been talked much, but is really important IMHO. It can be really harmful to junior and developers that are starting out... I've been a bit of a victim to that myself but came to the conclusion that it's my code and personality that is worth something (as you pointed out), not a graph or number of commits I make...

I always thought it is better to make 2 worthy commits, than 20 that holds almost no value at all.

I recall reading some kind of post or something about this back in the day, I will try finding it.

For me, that tweet graph is sign of an unhealthy individual, more than a productive or "buffed" developer, I'm almost certain they push useless commits and probably buggy code, just to get that green square on Sundays... unhealthy for the developer and for the code. Some people don't even rest when they have holidays :(

PD: I found the post, it was a GitHub issue over at isaacs/github repo, can be found here. There is quite a conversation over there, worth reading.


Nice Manolo, thanks for the link and your thoughts on it. I agree 100%

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