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Discussion on: Deploying .NET Core to Heroku

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Luis Gabriel Fabres

Hi, I followed all the steps in your tutorial, but after doing the release, when entering the page of the app that I published, I get an error that says:
Error: Missing required flag:
-a, --app APP app to run command against.

My application is called miappmvc and the commands that I enter in the heroku CLI are:
heroku container: push -a miappmvc web
heroku container: release -a miappmvc web

there it says that I am missing a flag. Do you know what flag it refers to?

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Andrew Robilliard Author

Hi Luis,

It looks like you're nearly there! The error you're getting is just referring to the app flag '-a', which you're already including.

I suspect the issue is with the commands you're running. It should be:
heroku container:push -a miappmvc web
heroku container:release -a miappmvc web

(no space after "container:")