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Discussion on: Micro-frontends: Module Federation with WebPack 5

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Norbert Bartos

Thanks for this post Brandon!

This is exactly what our current project needs to fulfill the requirements. We will have some (1-3) SPAs with N different modules everything on the same stack (React based) with separated CI/CD pipeline. These modules and SPAs will be developed by different teams and we will need to integrate these modules into the given SPA.

I am just thinking about this new feature and I am not sure if I correctly understood it. I don't really see the differences between this plugin and my concept. For example we can integrate separately built and deployed app modules into the "parent" SPA with the current tools already (at least we can do it by authoring webpack libraries and loading them into the SPA so we can control the module lifecycle by using React DOM to mount/unmount it into the given SPA's DOM container element).

What will be the benefits of using Module Federation?

Is this what solves the described problem with more elegant way? I see that this could optimize the bundle sizes by sharing the common dependencies. In the example you are lazy importing the exposed Counter component directly, but I assume type inference will not work, because it's not in the same module like we would do in monorepo setup. Am I missing something?