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If you're doing math, text sucks.

Text-format math is harder to read, but it is much easier to edit and write.

Navigating a one-dimensional line of text can be done with two buttons; add two more and you can add line-oriented editing, but that's optional. Editing a multi-dimensional equation, like your version of the distance formula, means you have to come up with an interface for selecting just the radical, or just the equation that you're taking the root of; you can't do that with normal arrows and drag-select.

It's the same set of problems that any kind of WYSIWYG has, now that I think of it. Just because source code is read more often than it's written doesn't mean you can completely neglect the editing experience.


A very good point!

I do think this is solvable. E.g. if you write latex markup, there is a line-based counterpart to the formulas in the compiled pdf. If the relation between markup and formula is isomorphic, navigating with arrow keys in the formula is possible, because it is in the markup.

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