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Discussion on: Google Cloud Platform Vs. Amazon Web Services

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(Null Static Void)

I'm at the same place with AWS. While I like the diverse array of services, and the ability to build robust apps. The pricing structure is kind of crazy.
I'm not going to know how many servers I can commit to paying for long term until I'm up and running for a while. It is very chicken and the egg.
Also, by the time I've got enough usage data to prognosticate on future usage. We will already be looking at probably moving to a different arch entirely.
Which then brings up my next thing. AWS is more attractive to me because of Lambda and other serverless tech.
I'm still building stuff on AMIs because that is what I know. But I think in the next year or two that will be reduced to a bastion host.

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Yes, indeed lambda seems to be very interesting. In our case we can not use such services, because pricings are on a per-request basis and the nature of our service is about handling a high volume of requests/second. But it's looks suitable for lots of use cases!