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Discussion on: How I chose my Code Editor

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(Null Static Void)

I used Notepad++ for a long time. Before that I was using Notepad and having to remember to set the right text encoding so it would work on the server!
I moved to Comodo Edit when I ditched Windows. Komodo Edit has a lot of really cool tricks, but even on a modern laptop with 16gb of ram I found it would slow down and get glitchy sometimes.
Earlier this year it started crashing and causing problems. I followed the bug hunt on github for a while, but my patience grew short so I went to Atom. Atom is missing a few features compared to Komodo, but is much more stable. And I find the uncluttered interface easier to work with.
I may go back to Komodo someday. It's the editor I've used the longest (outside of VIM). But they need to re-architect or something. When one of their own guys admits it will slow down over time if you have multiple tabs open, that is bad.