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  • Private VPN on all devices <------ !!! (I use PIA, but really: they're all so cheap, you're crazy not to use one.)
  • Password Safe for storing/generating passwords (Handy and works on all devices.)
  • Minimum password length 12 characters
  • Don't do business with or give PII to unverifiable sites. Seriously, know who you're doing business with!
  • Whole disk encryption on my linux box (and it is built in on my work laptop)
  • Periodically review list of devices connected to my network, and make sure I can identify who/what they are
  • For streaming accounts, periodically change password and/or kick off any registered devices that I can't identify
  • Set PIN's for online purchases when possible (e.g., Amazon)
  • Hushmail (I don't use this much, but I keep an active paid account just because I want to be able to send encrypted mail sometimes.)
  • Webcam unplugged when I'm not using it
  • My financial information and will, &c are on a hidden VeraCrypt volume. My wife has a poop sheet on how to find it and get into it. The volume itself is on a USB drive.
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