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Discussion on: Why I moved from React to Svelte and others will follow

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Othmane Abisourour • Edited on

Thank you, Mike, for this post. It is pretty amazing to see the community being interested in something new far from React or Vue worlds.

I say the future is about simplicity, quick time to market ...

Completely true. I remembered when AngularJs was presented the first time in late 2011, I was blown away by its simplicity and the logic, it was, by the way, the reason why I switched definitely to frontend development. A few years later it ends up being deprecated because of its performance issues and its massive learning curve, which pushed the google team to completely rewrite it from scratch.

What I want to highlight here is a Hello World example, never tells you the reality of things as it's always simple and small, it is only meant to sell you the idea.

I am not saying Svelte is not easy or I don't like it, it's completely the other way around, I am really amazed about and so far it sounds promising. My issue is basically regarding all frameworks out there because of the mindset they are trying to spread by only showing you the visible portion of the iceberg with no need to worry about how things really work underneath, which is for me is the real problem, it will push you far away from learning the root which is Javascript. jQuery is a great example

I recommend you read this article from @stefannieuwenhuis

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Mike Nikles Author

Hi Othmane, I appreciate you took the time to share your feedback. Hello World examples are about as useless as trying to buy a watermelon based on its shape ;-).

I've used Svelte in a production app for about a year. The blog post was inspired by a number of people who asked me why I chose Svelte over React since I had been invested heavily in React. The simplest way I could think of to show the difference was to use the React examples from their homepage, hence it's fairly basic.

I am planning a much more in-depth online course, likely by open-sourcing my web application I've been working on for a year to give people a much better picture of how Svelte (and Sapper) behave in a real world example.

Thank you for sharing Stefan's blog post. I like this comment thread as it aligns closely with what I do.

I haven't looked into web components recently, but did read most major browsers now support them.