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Do you share the same views? Or do you think I'm talking nonsense

No and yes this is nonsense.
I had to make an account just to say this.

I agree programmers require lot of skills, but sweet talking, talking to testers, planning, improve his/her and the team's communication are not some of them, there are people that are paid to do this.

Programmers today are paid for and need to know about Message Queues, ESBs, Cloud Services(hundreds of them), Spark, Message Streaming, Metrics Stores, Dashboards tooling, Networking, Jenkins/Teamcity/Travis/etc, Git/Mercurial, about 2-3 scripting langugages, at least, one backend language (java,c#) at least, one frontend language (Javascript, Typescript), testing tools and testing frameworks, Sql dbs , Nosql dbs, ecosystems,frameworkt and libraries (ie for java 100 spring-xxx.jar, 3 JPA implementations, etc), frontend ecosystems(angular, react, vue, etc), OOP, FP etc.

This kind of stuff makes a developer good and we spend years learning this, I honestly don't think soft skills are things a programmer must have, I agree they are a nice to have thing, but it is an arrogance to say that soft skills can replace any of the technical skills.


Haha, thanks for the comment. We do seem to have quite a lot on our plates already don't we!

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