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Discussion on: What conventional wisdom in software is wrong?

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That throwing more and more software at human problems will solve those problems.

Staff not filling in their end-of-year reports on time? Automated email reminder! Staff still not filling them in? Add a second reminder for staff who haven't done it! Admin forgot to update the deadline date for the staff to fill in their reports? Add a reminder to the admin to set the deadline for the reminder! Admin was off sick when the reminder was sent so didn't set it again? Add a fall-back email address in case no-one picked up the first reminder! Fall-back email wasn't filled in correctly so the email reminding them that the reminder hadn't been picked up? Add another......

Soon enough you've got meetings with 50 stakeholders and 10,000 lines of code with 1000 different states, paths and flags all to do what could have been done by someone just checking 'who hasn't filled out their report yet? Ok, email Bob and Jane'.