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Discussion on: A CI/CD Hello World Pipeline: Is it possible?

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Olivier Jacques

Welcome to CI / CD!
To me this looks like a great list. Few things that I would add:

  • use Jenkinsfile with Jenkins so that your pipeline is described with code. That Jenkinsfile sits in your git repo and follows the CI/CD workflow you are just setting up
  • secrets, passwords and other credentials can go in Jenkins credential store. Use “withCredentials” directive in your Jenkinsfile to leverage that
  • protect your master branch in github to force the pull request workflow, and force test status to pass before you can merge to master
  • to configure your Jenkins, use the Jenkins as code plugin which sources all config from a yaml file. You get a transportable Jenkins this way.
  • yes, GitHub actions can be an alternative to Jenkins - I personally use it as a complement
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G.L Solaria Author

Thank you for all your great suggestions! I will try to work them in to my project.

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CᴬʀʟᴱetOᴱs 🇵🇷

Lately I've been trying to land a DevOps job (I'm a Build/Release Engineer) but since I have no "production experience" with tools like Docker/Kubernetes/AWS I've been turned down a lot. This project would be an excellent way to have something to show that I'm familiar with the tools.

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