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Discussion on: Vim won't make you a more productive developer

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Orian de Wit • Edited

I'm on the fence about this as well.

I think every developer should at some point install Vim, try out a bunch of plugins, and run through some tutorials — even if it's just so you won't feel scared when you end up within the editor by accident.

But more productive? Complex editing tricks often require a refresher in the form of a few internet searches and a bunch of experiments. You tell yourself that it's investment in future productivity... But obscure key combinations are long gone from my muscle memory when I need them again.

I love Vim as an editor, and use it out of habit when editing configs, markdown, latex, and bash scripts.

For larger code projects I personally prefer the Jetbrains IDEs, as they offer great out of the box smartness tuned to specific languages.

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