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tl;dr: watch clean architecture talk by Rob Martin

long version: many of you guys in comments say how you are fast and productive with rails, and how it has magic. and you dont get ranting about magical aspect of rails that you like so much. startups kicking off with rails (or any RAD framework) and failing to move to more explicit architecture are having hard times and blaming the tool they’ve picked. Solo (or should I say Siloed) projects some of you refer to might survive with business logic residing in your head and expressed with RoR web-specific building blocks for years. For a business running with IT dept and a team (or few) its not the case. You want to scale your business and your team. And this is where obscure, implicit descision on extnding your application user from framework’s User makes little sense to newcomers. Problem is, many modern frameworks are flawed, they pretend that they can help you, by offering building blocks too specific, encourage to use their implementation and move fast, without communicating, that each non-legit extension from framework base class is a technical debt. It building up, and your domain blended into “web” framework, results in an unmaintainable code. And here goes all ranting about RoR - its just one of the frameworks that is too helpful )

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