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Discussion on: Ubuntu 20.04 - how to make it perfect for development & productivity

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Oziel Perez

I'm here to advocate for this development environment. I switched from MacOS to Ubuntu 20.10 and I think I've had a speedier experience working in this environment. Only one app has given me problems and that was Zoom but everything else works perfectly; less system resources were wasted too (I'm using Kubuntu distro).

If you happen to be a designer, I do recommend you try GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, and Darktable as I've been able to replace Adobe with those apps in my workflow. If you are using Ubuntu in a non-Apple laptop and need Android Studio emulators, I recommend you have a dedicated graphics card installed; otherwise hang in there with using an Android phone via USB. If you develop iOS apps, unfortunately you can't build native stuff with Swift, but you could always try Flutter and integrate CodeMagic or an AWS Mac Mini server into your build pipeline.

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Alexandru-Dan Pop Author

Thanks for this comment, a great addition for the creative folks of course those are great alternatives and you can also use tools like Figma that are browser-based.