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Discussion on: How did people develop software before git or version control?

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Paul Fortin

There is a lot of back and forth but some argument over IEBUPDTE?


"The IEBUPDTE program, originally created for IBM's OS/360 system, dates back to 1962, 10 years older than SCCS. Its purpose is to apply a set of changes to a set of input source programs, creating a set of modified source programs. All source code was managed either as "decks" of 80-column punched cards, or as files that resembled them."

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Ah right, cool ... so it worked with punch cards and so on but conceptually you can very well make the argument that this was the granddad of all source control systems :-) even though I see people arguing about whether or not IEBUPDTE truly "was" a version control system - the concept "version control system" probably did not exist yet, so IEBUPDTE did not advertise itself as such ... but conceptually it was a precursor.