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re: I assure you that we will be rid of old browsers one day. People said this about IE 5 and IE 6 and when was the last time you supported IE 8? IE ...

I believe you missed my point about TVs. If someone bought TV in 2017 he'll change it after 10 years, maybe later. So, we'll need to support it in the next 8 years. It's called never.

What? That doesn't make even the slightest bit of sense. Are you saying 10 years is "never"?

It's clearly 10 years.

I mean, 10 years ago we didn’t know what’s SPA, nor Angular, WCs was no trace yet. After 10 years WCs may not be already. 10 years is infinity for web development.

Your perspective is valid, but not complete. Look wider. In 2009 there were things like SPAs, it just wasn't as formalized and the term just wasn't coined yet.

I've been doing web development for 20 years. My career has not been two times infinity years long. If it had I'd think you'd listen to me about this. I'd be effectively God.

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