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Discussion on: How PHP Will Fare In 2017?

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Paul Redmond

"I went to the PHP community"

Asking 3 questions on reddit and calling it "The PHP Community" is irresponsible in my opinion. I think its more fair to say, the "PHP Community on Reddit". Also, did you try to ask anyone questions that works on the actual PHP source code? They probably have a better idea of the direction, roadmap, and what to expect this year.

Also summarizing an entire "community" of thought around favorite PHP frameworks with:

"Laravel is the smoothest coding I’ve ever had. Yii is fight-the-system every step of the way."

That is very dangerous. Its biased to perhaps the Reddit community, but I guarantee you that if you ask the same question in the Symfony chat/forum channels, or the Yii community you'd get very different answers.

I've heard the opposite opinion of the quote above, with people saying things like "Laravel promotes bad practices", and it makes for unintelligent, stereotypical, biased opinions about code/frameworks that the commenter probably has little knowledge about.

I just think that if you are going to position an article towards the whole "PHP Community" you should do much more diligence.