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Discussion on: C# Generics and Delegates: A Simple but Real Example

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Either I don't understand your point or I disagree. I think it does make sense to explain the concept of generics with plain lists, as you will use them on a daily basis (and I have to disagree with you: the SQL stuff won't be daily real world code for everyone or probaly even the majority). A list is very easy to understand and you can show that you either have to cast types a lot or implement one list or class to be contained otherwise. With generics, it's one implementation for all. And it's an isolated pattern explained and not combined with actions, static methods, SQL and ORM in the mix. After understand this in isolation, the students can start to learn this in combination with other code and other patterns.

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Steve Brownlee Author

Thanks for the comment, Philip! Explaining concepts in isolation rarely helps students achieve understanding. Adult students need to know how something helps solve problems they are working on. My students happened to be working on that code, thus the example above.

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