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Discussion on: Loading web pages fast on a $20 feature phone

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Yuri Solovyov

Hi, @addyosmani , love what you do!
I have few questions - how can I detect a featurephone itself? Is it possible on server side? Do I need to create 2 separate versions of web-app? For example, i'd like to use full power of React with ton of plugins for rich experience and my bundle is 1.5 Mb and I dont use any code-splitting. At the same time I want to serve lightweight code-splitted bundle for featurephones. How can I manage this?
Detecting low-budget phones (e.g check screen size) on a client is good idea, but again, it means that i need to write 2 variants of code - one for low-budget and one for hi-end, and all this code then appear in one bundle. How does server determine which bundle to send to a client?