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We work at a giant table at one of our houses for anything practical. We map our projects there - or take photos on the table. If we're not there - we're at what we call "the music room" where we play music and record the videos for our school. It's technically a "rehearsal space" so, the neighbors can get really loud - which determines our schedule! ha. It gets messy! But - there are only a few of us - and we also work remotely whenever there isn't a reason to be face to face.


That's really cool that you have a music room! I always wanted a little music studio, and it seems you use it for a bunch of different things.


We are always scouting out places as we drive around town. "OOhh... look at that one! there's not shared wall... and the businesses next door aren't open at night!" haha. In theory you could probably be super loud in most offices (at night). But - yeah. Having a music room is really fun. Highly suggested! : )

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