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Discussion on: What would be the way to learn and become a full stack web developer?

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Just looking back at this post / from about a month ago. We tagged it as #discussion - because we really thought that people would have drastically differing view on the order of these things... but there isn't a single comment.

Not even one troll saying "JavaScript is crappy." The mod team removed the #discussion tag (probably because our prompt for the discussion was so long that it seemed like more of a prescription or sales pitch than a discussion - but it was honestly meant to start a 'discussion.'

Anyway. Just kinda marking that thought process. 1 heart (surely from a super-fan or outside link) - and then just dead in the water. So, we can only conclude that in the admin dash-board - there's a "hide this spam" type setting - which is a strange design. If something is useless - or harmful / it should be removed. We've moved these thoughts to our website so people can have that discussion / instead of being silenced - but here's the proof.