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I'll just chime in here regarding Buttercup (I'm one of the authors) - There are a lot of great comments here (nice seeing so much opinion in the password manager space) and I thought I'd quickly cover our product and why I wrote it and why I'd recommend it.

Buttercup is a password vault that's available on every major platform - we have a desktop application on Windows+Mac+Linux and a mobile app on iOS+Android. We also have a browser extension for Firefox+Chrome (with more browsers on the way). We use vault files to store an encrypted copy (AES-256, PBKDF2 derived keys, GZIP compression) of your passwords and secrets in a variety of locations (Dropbox, NextCloud, ownCloud, WebDAV supporting services, the local file system). Buttercup's browser extension also allows for form filling and login actions via its UI. Buttercup is also free and open-source, so you can see how it's put together and what we do at every turn. It'll remain free and has a very long-term roadmap so we'll be busy building it for the foreseeable future.

We have our own hosting service planned as well (will land most likely in Q1 2019), which will become a source of revenue to keep our company afloat. We'll offer free personal hosting so that everyone can take advantage of storage-agnostic vaults.


You may have a new user 😃. For now, is it self hosting? Does one have to set up the app apis too?


That'd be swell! We're a friendly bunch I promise. "Self-hosting" yes, but you can simply host it in a free Dropbox account to get started - No need to run up any servers yourself. In our opinion Dropbox is perfectly fine for this use, and because it has file versions you're even better protected against overwritten values etc. (we have an in-built history system in our vault files which will soon be exposed to the user - kinda like time-travel).

No need to set up any complex APIs etc if you don't want to. I personally use an ownCloud server where I host my vault. Others have used everything from Box through to Yandex (WebDAV services).

thank you, I would be happy to give it a go. Will test-drive it over the weekend 😃

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