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Discussion on: Is anyone planning a full or partial "early retirement" from software development?

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Piotr Horzycki

I've been already 13 years in the industry. I'm tired of Jira-driven development and daily standups where everyone just tells their current ticket numbers. I'm tired of organizations where everyone just comes to do their 9-5 job and nothing else.

I started writing a book about developing e-commerce, financial and payments software. I'm going to share all my knowledge and experience. Actually it's going to be a series of books dedicated to different languages I've been working with (Java, PHP, JS).

Also I'm in a heavy metal band and starting to sell more and more merchandise.

I'm happy to have my girlfriend as my business mentor (she's been running her successful wedding business for over 10 years). It's not easy to jump from highly paid day job to an uncertain entrepreneurship, but I'm sure I can make it some day! Already got enough savings for 8 months of living :)