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This question could not be more timely, I was considering this very thing at the weekend.

I normally make my videos for YouTube and they are (hopefully) all nicely polished and complete, but I started to think about whether to stream my making of them as a rough live cut for those that might be interested.

It feels like there is almost a sub-culture of those out there that like to watch people coding, to be clear I'm not one of them. It does seem more and more people are streaming their development on either YouTube or Twitch.

I don't think live streaming coding will be the next viral video, however, I do see some areas that I think would benefit from doing it.

  • Exposure, think of it as free skill marketing.
  • A body of work archived away ready to stream again from the recording for anyone interested. Maybe prospective clients who want to see if you know you're stuff.
  • A schedule to hold yourself to which means more learning and more productivity.
  • A chance to possibly expand your network of people and get live help when you hit problems.

These are just a couple of thoughts on the topic, I still have yet to decide if I want to do it. One thing to be careful of would be to forget that you are streaming and expose sensitive information be it personal or otherwise.


Yes, I saw these benefits too.

But I had the idea of going more into a gaming like format.

When I'd upload a pre-cut video it has a defined start and end and a purpose to teach or show something I know about.

The live stream would have a general direction and a topic for every stream, but not the purpose to teach something. Like gamers stream how they play, because they have fun doing it, I have fun trying out new tech.

If people like to watch other people doing things that they consider fun, maybe some people would watch me and if I do things that are fun for me, I'd be more motivated to do it regularly.

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