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That's interesting. The name is not perfect for sure.

On the other hand, when I see bad code and then I do some git credit, I can easily think "How course I need to give credit Dave, my colleague developer, for this crap!".

The whole problem to me is a mindset problem, more than anything else. Except if the developer really don't care about his code (in that case, he should have never passed the hiring process), the mistake we made depend on the context more than on ourselves.

Understanding that, I would always try to do a git blame, then talk to the person responsible to understand what's the real problem between our technical debt. Then, I would try to find a solution to it.


Oh I agree, whatever term you use, it doesn't replace a good talk with the developer who wrote it to understand their thought process.

More often than not, bad code is not written because the developer thought to himself: "Fuck em all, here's some trash code!"

As someone pointed in the comments, git curious is a nice neutral term which could even be better because it can be used in a credit or blame context!


I'm totally sold on git curious.

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