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Discussion on: Don't ask me, I'm a guesser

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Matthieu Cneude

Interesting thoughts.

I'm more of a guesser, but I realize more and more than asking doesn't cost anything. Even better: when you get a no, you have an upper limit; you can then lower your expectations to see if the other can help you solve part of your problem.

It's easier to ask when you have some kind of relationship, that's true. But how do you build it? There are many ways, but one of the most powerful is to help people, and helping somebody who's in need is always good for everybody. Of course coding a whole project for two full days for free is not sustainable. But how can you help this same person in an easier way? Maybe giving him (or her) some links to interesting article? Maybe providing one or two advice?

Of course, if 1000 people ask me something everyday, it's not sustainable. But even so, I think I would try to help some of them depending on my time. Either way directly, or by writing something as you just did.

People are not bad per se; they're just sometimes awkward or incompetent. That's fine, we're all like that, depending on the context. I think it's better not to take it personally and try to help anyway. IMHO.