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Discussion on: ELI5: how to contribute to a project?

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In additon to edA-qa mort-ora-y stunning answer, I'd still like to say, you're on the right path. πŸ‘Œ The first contribution is the hardest - after that, contributing to open source is seriously addictive! πŸ’›

If you're not using any open source libraries within your own code yet (that'd make it easier to find projects to contribute to), you might look out for repositories created by people you know or the ones that are tagged with non-technical & beginner-friendly. Some of them are really thankful when you're doing translations, documentations or other writings - plus, this way it may be easier to overcome one's inhibitions.

Also, I learned communication is kind of the key: just jump in and don't be afraid, comment on issues, aks questions, open a new issue if you got an idea that you'd like to discuss and/or pin the creator of the repository directly when being unsure where to start. A 'welcoming and accomodating' group will help you out and guide the way.

Lastly, open source is not magic. Remember that the person creating a repository is a real person, who makes mistakes, who might not write the best-optimized code, and who can’t see all the edge cases all the time. Changing ones mindset makes it much easier to spot the places where you can contribute.

Eh okay, that's now more like a general advice for first-time-contributors than an "explainlikeimfive"-answer.πŸ™ˆ But I thought, it might help you anyway! πŸ˜€

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Andrei Navumau Author

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for your time spent for this comment and for suggestions. Yes, I'll start looking for the repositories created by my friends and with "beginner-friendly" tags. Sure, I'll focus on communication first. Thanks for help!

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