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I'm about halfway through my trial period. I like it. The Screener, Feed and Paper Trail features make sense to me and promote good habits. It is a well thought out and lovingly crafted product that is highly opinionated, so it steers you in certain ways. If you don't like that way, then it won't be for you. Folks are underrating how hard it is to pull off something that is clean and simple, while still powerful.

There are a few UX bumps in the client that I hope to see the Basecamp team fix over time, including some additional keyboard navigation shortcuts and edge cases around keeping track of scroll position.

I don't care about being "trapped" in their client. Their whole ethos is to put a different twist on email, which is dependent on their client. I also don't care about a custom domain.

I'm a long time user of Gmail and Hey is much faster and more responsive in my experience. Hey also does a better job of surfacing files/attachments and has some neat features around managing threads.

Just my 2 cents, but I'm quite impressed

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