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Discussion on: Your thoughts on a SaaS development kit

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Karin Pichler Author

Thanks for your thoughts on that point. We discussed about the price a lot.

We don't want to make it too cheap, because it is a lot of work to keep everything up to date and further development. But we decided then to make a startup discount with 50% off. This should hep them to get it started.

We already had some meetings with big companies. A lot of them are using no-code or low-code solutions at the moment. The biggest problem they are facing with that approach is, that when things get more complex they have to throw the no-code prototype away, because it can't handle the comlexity. The feedback was, that when they would use a SaaS Kit like Carrot Seed it would be easier for them to scale up.

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Nico S___

That makes total sense, bigger companies have the $ and the incentives to use products like yours
Go where the money is :)