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re: What about Java with graalvm native image? Or even node with graalvm native image..

Never heard of it, but just took a look into.... and holy batman!

While not so comfortable with the way it does things internally. I am impressed, in the crazy sense that they are pushing the idea of compiling programs, not just to exe's but to run within Oracle / My SQL.

Shameless self plug here : its like GPU.JS style of crazy rewrites (of JS to WebGL).... Dun ask why we compile from one language to another which makes no sense... just know it has been done.


The interesting part is that the node execution performance is almost 85% for V8 and GraalVM is still in beta. Hopefully they will manage to reach the same performance and then you could compile you node app into a native one and have no drawbacks. Currently a JAX-RS rest endpoint compiled into native boots in ~5ms and uses 20mb of ram.

I like that GraalR runs an order of magnitude faster than the reference R runtime :D

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