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I feel that it's more practical, to limit on the OS or device level. And educate on parental control measures. So that it can be applied collectively to all games.

After all PUBG here can easily be replaced by any form of entertainment (CS, DOTA, LOL, etc). Its just much more focused because it grew in popularity to dominate a segment of the gaming space.

Such limitations imposed by pubg. Is honestly just self-regulation. And in my opinion they are only self-regulating, so that they can avoid getting banned.

Meaning if there were no issue in the first place. They would gladly make it as addictive as possible, without regards to the user. (Which admits to both the problem, and that they are gonna to ignore it selfishly for commercial reasons)

What we should do alternatively is to encourage exit points. Something extra credits covered really well. (Which is greatly missing in PUBG)


I agree with your points. But while exit points are always good to have, I don't mind self-regulation. I think it should be encouraged. Google's Digital Wellbeing is a thing now for the same reason. Apps like Youtube Vanced have settings that enable you to set a reminder after every x unit of time. For example, my app stops playback and reminds me I've been watching Youtube for 45 minutes so I should consider taking a break. I think it's a simple but effective way to reduce screen time, especially for adults who tend to have more self-control than children.

And props for linking to the Extra Credits video. They always cover important topics with such finesse.


Yup, to be clear not against self regulation on games =)

I simply feel that it cannot be solely depended on.

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