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Discussion on: React & TypeScript: use generics to improve your types

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Pierre Ouannes Author

Ah yeah indeed I made a typo, in both of those cases the equal sign should be before the generyc type. I'll correct the article, thanks for pointing it out.

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Michael De Abreu • Edited on

Ok, it does work now if I move the generic declaration inside the function scope, but still, this doesn't allow me to create a generic functional component:

TS Playground

You can see that this should throw no error, but it does, because we can't use the generic as part of the component typing, because the component typing is outside the function and generic scope. So it does work, but it wouldn't any different than the function declaration component you have at the bottom, and both will have incomplete information about them being actual components. As far TS understand, they both can be used as components because they both recieve props, and return a JSX element, but they don't have all the properties of an actual components.

Thanks for sharing, that hack could be useful when dealing with hooks or hoc.