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Discussion on: What it is really like for a Junior Dev

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Patrik Kristian • Edited

I have no CS backgroud, i am nurse. lol. but immediatly after gradulation i applied to one startup, was there 2 months and i learned quite much from that world, even it laid my foundantions for my routines in present.
after that i spent 5 years in small company. there in start i get only maintenmence stuff nobody wanted, but after that there was new projects i was assigned to. mostly it was one man show, so i had to learn how to write offerings, calculate price, and so on. i became Full Stack web developer.
Because customers vary i had oportunity to work with many different technologies. W had one bigger project, where we tried how it is to have “big data”, now when doins something small i am like “3Q ueries... isnt that much? :D
I think this experience prepared me very well for my current path: Freelance

sumUp: if xou sre not confortwble with it, try it anyway, you never know that experience will be needed :)

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Leonardo Garcia Author

That’s so great to hear! I’m glad you found your path!!