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Discussion on: 5 Powerful Programming Languages to Stretch Your Brain

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Evan Derby

It's interesting to me to see Typescript and Haskell on the list together. As someone who is working on learning Haskell while using almost entirely Typescript at work, Typescript feels entirely lacking as compared to Haskell.
Typescript's static type checking fixes a lot of type problems in regular Javascript, but falls flat when attempting to work with real data, with many casts, optional fields, and "any" types making their way deep into the program as it develops and ruining the functional benefits of static typing.
Haskell's strict separation of IO from pure functional removes a lot of unexpected edge cases. There's also the common occurrence where, if your complete program typechecks, it's likely to actually do what you intend.
I guess my point is that these languages stretch my brain in different ways: Haskell engages me with interesting mathematical ideas, but Typescript makes me wish I was writing Haskell.